Tom Jensen


I was a Technical Illustrator for 28 of the 30 mind numbing years I worked for Boeing.
Even as a young Technical Illustrator, sitting at a drafting table drawing nuts and bolts, I had no idea if I had the talents for fine art. To get over my ignorance and insecurity and maybe build some credibility for my fragile self as a fine artist I started entering local art competitions. Turned out I won awards at most of the shows I signed up for. About the time my daughter was born I juried my first art competition. Since then I've juried too many of them.  
In the course of things I eventually found exclusive representation at a local gallery. I suppose the commercial realities of the gallery world both enhanced and repressed  my works at the same time. I found that the consistency of subject, context and technique aren't my thing but then I don't suppose most artists really like the grind of producing art for galleries. Thank goodness for 2008.

March 15, 2019 I was invited by the head of the Art Department at Clatsop CC to join in her Life Drawing class: Course 132; for 2 hours. So now I've been to College.

 I like change. I like seeking new techniques. I hate the color Brown.

 I sleep late so don't call before 9.

Tom Jensen 2019